Stellarium - free soft for planetarium

Free astronomy app

Stellarium is software that calculates the positions of the Sun and Moon, planets and stars, and draws how the sky would look to an observer depending on their location and the time. It can also draw the constellations and simulate astronomical phenomena such as meteor showers or comets, and solar or lunar eclipses.


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Main different features from Stellarium:

  • Seperated screen, console and projector to simple control.
  • Fly by over planets
  • Normal/ Flat Video and Image show
  • Up to 3K fulldome content can be play with spherical video (VR) support
  • Colored constellations.(with colored Hevelius)
  • Meisser objects catalog (Animated show)
  • Enhanced Script capability (record button commands as scripts)
  • Fulldome image sequence producer ( up to 4K resolution )
  • Sky writer feature to write anything on dome with colored.
  • Star Trails
  • Fisheye and spherical images (VR) show
  • Fisheye and spheric mirror projection support ( with multi-projector plugin support other types)
  • Simple Button feature : Create your own button includes short scripts
  • Inherited from last Stellarium effective features.
  • more and more..

Lifelong license and email&remote desktop support for licensed users..