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ASE produces Mobile Planetarium and other larger scale Fulldome entertainment applications. Fulldome immersive technology engages the peripheral vision which is credited with depth perception similar to 3D stereoscopic effects providing an educational and entertaining experience that is far more engaging than traditional media. Our domes are extremely portable with inflatable domes assembled in under 15 minutes and larger fixed frame domes from 2 hours.


As our mobile planetarium is often attended by children we are continually looking for ways to surpass the highest levels of European safety and quality in immersive dome experience while maintaining affordable prices.


We provide spherical mirror projection systems superior to the more expensive fisheye projection systems and partner with industry production specialists to provide bespoke multi-projector systems for larger scale applications. We provide our clients access to the largest database of virtual immersive educational and entertainment software and shows.


Taking any event to the whole new level.

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