Projection dome system


We provide spherical mirror projection systems superior to the more expensive fisheye projection systems and partner with industry production specialists to provide bespoke multi projector systems for larger scale applications. Video content is delivered to the projector wirelessly using Aypad.

Spherical mirror projection system


Key features:

  • Significantly cheaper than fisheye lens systems
  • Located away from the centre of the dome, the optimal viewing position
  • Allows a choice of projectors, unlike a fish eye lens system
  • Coverage of the dome can be controlled
  • All pixels are used, unlike the fish eye lens system
  • No chromatic distortion, unlike the fish eye lens system
  • Universal solution, can work with any projector
  • High quality media player provided, laptop and tablet interface optional
  • Most affordable solution for full dome projection for the required levels of quality

Multi channels projection systems


Key features:

  • Full auto calibration with fisheye camera
  • Multi projection Mapping technology
  • For fixed domes with a diameter greater than 7 m
  • Up to 64 projectors, provides incredibly vivid and realistic picture
  • Powerful servers, unique program setup and calibration of images to create breath taking visuals in 20 minutes
  • Partnered with leading industry specialists and studios

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