Geodesic domes

Dome for different events, trade fairs, and outdoor events


Portable frame domes, also known as Geodesic dome tents, are used primarily for immersive entertainment and may also be used as rooms for carrying out advertising campaigns, presentations, mobile restaurants, and conferences in the most picturesque corners of the country, a central square of a city or just about any place. The inner projection screen takes its shape from a vacuum created between the twin wall sealed dome.

We offer standard geodesic domes made of steel pipes and special PVC fabrics, as well as quick-assembly projection domes based on the aluminum frame, which are lightweight and extremely fast assembly, assembling a dome 5 m in diameter in 2 hours by one person.

5m geodesic dome

perfect for mid-size entertainment areas

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6m geodesic dome

the perfect solution for exhibitions and trade show to present new ideas and concepts

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7m geodesic dome

compact enough for indoor installation, for 40 people



10m geodesic dome

for events for up to 100 people, have a 360 panoramic projection screen

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12m geodesic dome

dome tent for use in shopping malls and exhibition halls, perfect 360 projection dome theater

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15m geodesic dome

perfect mobile dome tent, for immersive panoramic 360 screen viewing

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Open dome

for presentations, advertising campaigns, and educational forums.

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  Base Diameter, m 5m 6m 7m 10m 12m 15m
  Height 3,8m 4,6m 4,8m 6,4 m 7,9 m 9,8m
  Surface Area, m2 20 m2 28 m2 41 m2 78 m2 113 m2 176 m2
  People standing (max) 30p 40p 60p 110p 160p 200p
  People sitting (max) 16p 24p 32p 60p 90p 150p

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