Sota Domes

100% clear & frameless dome kit

SotaDome premium garden igloo transforms your outdoor space into an additional room that blends with the surroundings. It’s a truly unique space that shelters from the elements and enables them to enjoy the outdoors all-year-long.


Build your own indoor-outdoor space with a SotaDome kit. Use it all-year-round or set it up temporarily. It’s rigid enough to be used permanently, yet easy enough to move or take down quickly when needed. 


This crystal-clear, igloo pod will not only shelter your outdoor furniture during bad weather or off-season - it will also amaze your guests and become a focal point of your garden. 


  • restaurant & cafe pod
  • office pod/work booth
  • kids playground pod
  • jacuzzi & hot tub enclosure
  • product presentation pod

Key Features




SotaDome is made out of 100% recyclable polycarbonate.




Weather-resistant: rain, wind, snow, and UV protected. Use it in any climate, any weather, any location.




Extremely rigid and durable, 200x times stronger than glass, virtually unbreakable. 15+ years expected lifespan




Easy to move (even when assembled) and easy to store. When packaged, it easily fits in the car boot

Sota domes:

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