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In inflatable domes the projection screen is produced inside the twin wall sealed dome which takes the desired shape through greater pressure inside the dome. This design is ideal for schools and planetariums where you frequently change location.


Key features of ase inflatable domes:

  • Constant air circulation from the blower to the spectators creates comfortable conditions.
  • Easy system to regulate the intensity of the airflow from the dome.
  • Three-layers of fabric with a density up to 300 g/m² completely blocks out the external light
  • Provides durability, water resistance and fire resistance of the dome.
  • Specially designed inner screen fabric provides highest quality of projection, contrast, colour accuracy and uniformity of light.
  • Our fabric is extremely durable and resistant to fracture, with strong mechanical loads and a microporous membrane.
  • Our fabric has three layers and strengthened, thicker thread in increments of 2 to 10 mm, which creates an overlapping, solid grid making it more resistant to rupture along the grain.
  • Our domes are designed with the optimal quantity segments which provides the correct form for the screen.
  • Offset joints between segments ensures maximum durability, making the seam less perceptible, further eliminating any light penetration at the seams.
  • Customised designs of external shells optional.
  • Air conditioning or heating systems for use in extreme climates optional.


  4m 5m 6m 7m 8m
height 2.8m 3.2m 3.7m 4.5m 5.0m
floor space 12.5 m2 19.5 m2 28 m2 38.5 m2 50 m2
estimated capacity 15p 35p 45p 60p 75p


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