Shira Warper 1.0

New product "Shira Warper" has just released (15 June 2020)

The Shira Warper vividly converts fisheye content from the source screen center into the target screen as a spherical mirror distortion.
Shira Warper uses "Spherical Mirror distortion" files created by Paul Bourke.
The only drawback of the program is that the total resolution value is equal to the height of the source screen.
Therefore, the content to be converted to source should be run on the high resolution source screen and this screen should be subject to distortion.
The program is very easy to install and use.
After installation, the setup wizard is run, source, target screens and mirroring file are easily selected.

A video sample : VLC video player is running on source screen with fulldome content. Warped image showing on the destination screen


For more information about Shira Warper, please contact us