Shira Presenter 8K

8K All Dome Player (23 April 2021)

Shira Presenter 8K fulldome media contents can play from disk or directly from the internet is a media player.
All the software requirements of a planetarium designed to meet.
Primary three most important features
- 8K media contents from a single-channel computer allows it to be played.
- From sites that offer video content such as Vimeo, Youtube It is the ability to play media content with direct access.
- Flat media, i.e. non-planetarium format media display of contents in accordance with the dome format.

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8k video and frame sample contents can be downloaded from the download area.
Click to download with the software


Change Log
2021.09.03 Version 1.4 is released.

- NDI Source support added for Adobe After Effects/Premiere and other NDI realtime contents.
- UDP and RTSP stream source support added. 

2021.06.19 Version 1.3 is released.

- Web Remote Control module added.
- Fixed bug about OmniDome projection mapping size while output is frameless window.

2021.05.15 Version 1.2 is released.

- OmniDome Free Mapping Calibration software files support added.
- OmniDome Mapping Windows builds to download package added.
- Fixed bug for Vimeo videos direct play "only sound works" problem.
- Fixed bug about Vioso output missing.

2021.05.01 Version 1.1 is released.

- Added Equi-Angle Cubemap support for VR Panoramic videos and images.
- Added OverView preview type.
- Accelerated prepare direct link process for web contents.
- Fixed sometimes, the crash that occured when selecting "best video and audio" option.

2021.04.25 First Version 1.0 is released.


System Requirements
OS : Windows 7 and later
CPU : Intel I7
Display Card : NVIDIA Quadro or GeForce

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